Recreational day at Nuuksio

We help you organize an effective recreational day at Haltia and Nuuksio for all groups. Gather your team, colleagues, friends or family and spend a splendid day enjoying some exhilarating...

From €300.00

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Wine in the Woods

Wine in the Woods is a two hour exploration into a world, where wine and forest meet. Can you taste the bonfire smoke in pinot noir?

From €118.00


Canoeing in the heart of the Nuuksio National park

Canoeing in the heart of the Nuuksio National park Nuuksio Kolmoislammet offer a wonderful setting for the canoeing event, and there is a wonderful trail to capture three beautiful ponds. The...



ActionTrack Mobile Adventure, Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre

Nature Mobile Adventure – the ultimate teamwork game. No sweat or tears. For groups of 10-200 persons, duration two hours: In NatureMobile Adventure the participants form groups of...



Canoeing on Lake Pitkäjärvi, Nuuksio National Park

Lake Pitkäjärvi offers the perfect setting for getting to know the nature and water areas around Haltia Nature Centre. The talus deposits and fractures from ice age have left deep scars...



Forest Mind - Wellness Walk

Slow down, enjoy nature. Energize and relax. Strengthen your inner wellbeing.



Nature bath with transport

Nature bath with wilderness guide



Nuuksio Winter Walk and Campfire

Feel the beauty and tranquility of Finnish forests and lakes during a short winter walk tour in Nuuksio National Park and enjoy hot drinks and finnish delicatesses on a campfire. Nuuksio National...



Survival Game

A funny team game, where you can test your nature skills!



Traditional Outdoor Games, Haltia the Finnish Nature Centre

Traditional outdoor games at the event area of the Haltia Nature Centre For groups of 10-200 persons, duration approximately two hours: During this event the participants have to work both in...



Villit Vihannekset - hortoilun alkeet Nuuksiossa

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