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Hiker's Sauna at Haltia

€70.00 / h


Luontokeskus Haltia shop@haltia.com +35840 163 6200 Company id: 2398869-9 Merchant terms

Hiker's sauna will be heated again on Sunday 4.10.2020!

The Grande finale of your Nuuksio trek is the purifying and relaxing sauna experience at Haltia. Prolong your stay in the woods and come try our sauna cabinet! You can leave your backpack and other gear to our locked "luggage room" in the lobby.
Private bookings only.

Next Hiker's Sauna: Sun 4.10.2020

15.30 (hour ends at 16.30)
Haltia closes at 17.00.

Price for an hour: 70 €/h.

Hiker's Sauna includes:
- one hour sauna-time
- soap and shampoo at site
- sauna seat cover (disposable)
- use of Saivo-lounge
- viewing balcony as your cooling down area
- water to drink

Haltia's sauna etiquette:
- Sauna is a sanctuary for relaxation and unwinding, we expect appropriate and repectful behaviour from all of our sauna guests.
- Please show the receipt of the payment of your sauna shift at the counter upon your arrival to Haltia. You'll get all sauna-info from our staff.
- If you have rented a towel, you'll get it from the info counter. 
- We recommend to leave your extra stuff to lockable lockers on the sauna floor. Big items, such as backpacks, can be left into the locked storage room in the lobby. 
- Shoes can be left to our lobby, we'll borrow you comfy slippers!

- There's water to drink in Saivo. Other refreshments can be purchased from Restaurant Haltia.
- The duration of a sauna-shift is 1 hour (60 minutes). Please respect others coming after you and leave the sauna area in time. There's a clock on the wall in the lounge.
- Please do not sit on the fabric-covered chairs in the lounge when wet or sweaty. There are wooden chairs in the cooling down area in the balcony where you can sit down and enjoy the virew! 

Sauna department:
- Changing room, separate toilet in the Saivo-lounge (more toilets for men, women and disabled in the corridor), shower room (two showers), sauna, Saivo-lounge, cooling-down viewing balcony
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