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Restaurant cabinet Päivölä

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Päivölä cabinet is a beautiful environment to organize an event for 25 persons, for example festivities, trainings and meetings. When reserving this cabinet your group will have a private acceess and area on the outlook balcony with spectacular views to lake Pitkäjärvi. 

Päivölä is located on the top floor of Haltia, on the more peaceful side of the restaurant. It can be separated from the rest of the hall with proper folding wall element. There is a private access to the outlook balcony behind the scenery window wall, which gives you an open landscape over lake Pitkäjärvi. The wide out view makes your ideas fly, atmosphere is immediately slightly more noble and the tasks or work at hand will be executed with good energy.


Meeting equipment: 55" screen, flip chart, markers and pens.

Accommodates up to 25 persons depending on the seating chart.


Are you looking for a bigger room? Päivölä can be connected to the neighbouring Boassu, with the possibility to accomodate up to 70 persons!


Can be reserved daily 8 - 24 hrs.



Haltia is close - just 35 minutes from the city centre of Helsinki or from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It's also just far enough - there's not a trace of all the hustle and bustle of hectic cities but insted you're never far from the pure and refreshing outdoors.  


Catering celebrates nature

Restaurant Haltia is our respected partner when consider catering opstions to your occasion in Haltia. They provide you coffee break refershments and serve a unique lunch buffet according to "Nature on your plate" -concept! You can also get take-away snacks for your hiking trip from the restaurant. Restaurant serves alcoholic beverages too.


Activity programs to boost your event 

The variety of activity services in Haltia is wide and inspiring, though everything we offer has its own aspect in praising nature. You may choose from activities ranging from well-being to wilderness skills, and from wild herb education to outdoor dining. Read more or contact us!


We can organize transportation to and from Haltia for you when necessary. You can also prolong your visit and experience in Nuuksio a little while longer by booking accommodation from our selected partners in the area.


Our events & sales team is happy to help you to compose a memorable visit in Haltia according to your wishes! You can click and collect all interesting services and facilities to the online basket and "Request a quote". Please let us know your contact information and a short description of your wishes and our events producer will contact you.



Haltian Ylisessä maailmassa sijaitsevat ravintola ja sen kabinetti Päivölä tarjoavat ”taivaallisia makunautintoja”. Päivölä on suomalaisessa kansantarustossa esiintyvä paikka, jossa järjestetään suuret pidot, toisinaan kutsuttu jopa ”jumalten juomingeiksi”. Päivölän pidoista kerrotaan ainakin Lemminkäis-runoissa. Kalevalaan Elias Lönnrot tosin vaihtoi eepoksen yhdenmukaisuuden vuoksi Päivölän tilalle Pohjolan, mutta Päivölä vaikuttaisi kansanrunojen perusteella olevan pitojen tapahtumapaikkana alkuperäisempi. Kabinetin nimeksi Päivölä sopii myös siellä olevan ulkonäkymän puolesta.

Haltia jakautuu kerrostuneen maailmankuvan mukaisesti kolmeen osaan: yliseen, keskiseen ja aliseen maailmaan. Kerrostunut maailmankuva-ajattelu liittyy erityisesti pohjoisten kansojen vanhoihin uskomuksiin ja on selkeitä todisteita, että tällainen ajattelumalli on ollut osa myös suomalaista kansanuskoa.