Haltia has rental equipment for outdoor activities. With the proper equipment, you can enjoy camping regardless of the weather. When you have good quality and appropriate equipment it is safe to go out in the wilderness. Renting is also environmentally friendly. You don`t need to own a bunch of camping stuff that is stored away most of the time. By renting you will save storage room at your home and you will always have proper and up-to-date equipment in good condition. 

Our staff at Haltia is happy to help with the camping equipment and anything concerning camping and hiking.

Rental equipment is available from 15.00 within the operating hours all year round.

Try it before you buy it!

By renting camping equipment from us, you can try if camping is really your thing. You can also test products before you purchase them. If you decide to buy the equipment you rented, we will compensate the rental price.

You can read the terms of rental from here.